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1. Elite Ecom Webinars!


Also known as the E.E.W. gives you access to  5 Exclusive Webinars shot by Ace Reddy the Co-Founder of Elite Ecom Group, covering these topics : –

Webinar 1 – How To Get Started with eCommerce In 2019!

Webinar 2 – How To Select Killer Products To Promote! (Dropshipping & Print On Demand)

Webinar 3 – The Dark Secrets of Facebook Ads – Part  1! (The Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads)

Webinar 4 – The Facebook Ads Blueprint! (Action Plan)

Webinar 5 – The Dark Secrets Of Facebook Ads –  Part 2. (The Advance Manual on Facebook ads).


– Guest webinars with Industry Experts like Sean Kemp, Christopher Carr, etc. which will help you 10x your eCom business!

– Ability to use one of our Exclusive Physical Product funnel templates to promote your products and crush it.

– Action Plans, Guides, etc. that assist you with implementing what you’ve learned. – Access to our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, etc.

Who is this product for?

Anyone who wants to start an eCommerce Business Online but doesn’t know where to start.

The Price.


2. Elite Ecom Mastermind!


This is for people who really want to make 2019 their best year ever!

You get to work with me and my team on a more personal level when you join our Mastermind.

Here’s the link to read the full details of the Mastermind – Click here!

3. The Elite Ecom Agency!


Want my team to handle the advertising part of your eCom business?

We’ll build out the creatives, write the copy for the ads and also set them up!

Sadly, we’re full for January so check back on this post in the first week of February if you’d like the Agency Service.


Book Recommendations!

If you want to know what books what I love the most and which books you must read asap! Read this article :- (The List will be updated regularly)

PS: – Unlike most people who recommend books, I didn’t add any book I haven’t personally read and liked to this list. I read all of the books I recommend!

For Personal Development!


1. Thick Face Black Heart – a Book Highly Recommended by Dan Kennedy too, it helped me change the way I look at life and business. (Written by Chin Ning Chu)

2. 48 Laws of Power – The Bible of Domination, Power, Gaining Respect and Building Cult like Following. (Written by Robert Greene)

3.  Psycho – Cybernetics This book helped me understand how the mind works, Its been 4 years since I’ve read this book but I still use all the principles even today. (Written by Maxwell Maltz)

4. Think and Grow Rich – If it wasn’t for this book, I would be broke. This book helped me to stay on the path and “not quit” even when the journey to success got tough.

5. The Art of War – Sun Tzu is one of the smartest man that ever lived and this is one of the best books I’ve ever read!

6. The 10x Rule – Of course Grant Cardone is on this list, the 10x rule helped me think bigger and work hard to hit bigger goals and quit thinking small.

7. Be Obsessed or Be Average – Another great book by Grant Cardone! This book is all about how to leverage the Obsessive quality in you to achieve Greatness!

8. Think Big and Kick Ass – This is a great book by Donald Trump on why you should always think big, set big goals and work hard to hit them!

9. The Law Of Success – The Expanded Version of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

10. The Prince – This book helped me realize how “being generous” is sometimes not the answer, sometimes you have to think big and long and make the right decisions instead of making quick ones to make other people happy. (Written by Nicollo Machiavelli)

11. The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – It’s been 4 years since I’ve read this book too but I loved the Book the first time and think it was responsible for helping me build a successful online Business! (Written by T. Harv. Eker)

12. How To Stop Worrying and Start Living – This is a great book! It helped me deal with haters, stress and other problems of running a business.

13. Life’s Golden Ticket – I was at a very low point in my life when I read this book, this book helped me changed the way I look at situations and crush it in Business!

Books on Business Strategy!


8. The 33 Strategies of War – If you think 48 laws of Power is Good, this is better. This book will show you create plans and how to execute them, it’ll also teach you how to get your team to focus on executing the plan and also how to get people to buy into your Vision. (Written by Robert Greene)

9. Tools of Titans – Amazing read. (Written by Tim Ferris)

10.  The Four Hour Work Week – This book made me realise that there’s always a simpler, easier and more ethical method to do something and “hustling hard” always is not the key to success. (Written by Tim Ferris)


I’m a big fan of Biographies and these are a few Biographies I read and loved!


11. Titan : The Life of John D Rockefeller Sr. – One of the best biographies I’ve read in my entire life, this book shows you how Rockefeller dealt with problems, overcame failure, and became the Richest man in the World! (Favourite Book) (Written by Ron Chenrow)

12. The Impatient Optimist – Bill Gates in his own Words – Great, Easy and Fast read! (Written by Lisa Rogak)

13. Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World! – This is a book recommended by Billionaires, it’s a great book on how Genghis Khan went from nothing to conquering a big part of the world! (Written by Jack Weatherford)

14. Elon Musk : How The Billionaire C.E.O. of Tesla and SpaceX is Shaping Our Future. – The Title is self explanatory, Elon Musk is an undisputed King of Moonshots.  (Written by Ashlee Vance)

Books on Sales!


15. Sell or Be Sold – Great book on how to sell! (Written by Grant Cardone)

16 . The Closers Survival Guide – One of the best books I’ve read on Closing deals. (Written by Grant Cardone)

17. The Art of the Deal – Another book by Trump! This is a great book on how to sell and do big deals.  (Written by Donald Trump)

Persuasion and Copywriting



18. Influence – One of the best books on understanding how people think and how to Influence them to do what you want them to do! (Written by Robert Cialdini)

19. Buying Trances – Great read by Joe Vitale! He talks about how you can get into the mind of your prospect/customer and then write copy that sells.

20. The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy is the Undisputed God of Copywriting and in this book he breaks down the exact method to write sales letters that sell! (Written by Dan S. Kennedy)

21. Cashvertising – The Best book written on Copywriting! This is a very “to the point” book and is full of action steps you can use to increase your conversions and sales today! (Written by Drew Eric Whitman)

22. The Art Of Seduction – This is the best book i’ve read on how to become an “Attractive Character” in the marketplace and command people to pay high ticket prices for my products, masterminds, etc. One of the best books I’ve read on sales really, it shows you how people like JFK influenced people using simple yet powerful techniques. (Written by Robert Greene)

23. The Definitive Book Of Body Language – If you want to learn how to read people’s body language and figure out what they’re thinking, this is the book for you! (Written by Barbara Pease)


Books On Marketing and Advertising!


24. The Ultimate Marketing Plan – One of the best books I’ve read on Marketing! Dan Kennedy is an absolute beast. (Written by Dan. S. Kennedy)

25. No B.S. Guide to Marketing To THe Affluent – Do you want to sell high priced programs to an affluent audience? If you answered, read this book asap! (Written by Dan. S. Kennedy)

26. Trump University : Branding 101  – A Great book by Don Sexton with the foreward directly from Trump!

27. If You’re Not First You’re Last! – A Great book by Grant Cardone on Building up your Sales Pipeline!

28. Ogilvy On Advertising – David Ogilvy was one of the best Advertisers in the World at one point, he even wrote a super high converting ad for Rolls Royce! (Written by David Ogilvy)

29. Breakthrough Advertising  – Eugene Schwartz is a Genius when it comes to running profitable Advertising Campaigns! a lot of the new age copywriting and marketing books are based off Eugene’s principles.

30. The Ultimate Sales Machine – A Great Book on Strategic Marketing from the Late Chet Holmes!

31.  Magnetic Sponsoring – Mike Dillard was one of the biggest names in the Online Network Marketing Business, he went from being a waiter to becoming a Millionaire in the Network Marketing Business and this book you learn how he did it! (Written by Mike Dillard)

32. 108 Split Test Winners! – A Great book of examples of tests and split tests that Russell Brunson did and the results he generated! (Written by Russell Brunson)

Fiction Books


I decided to include a few Fiction Books that have helped me indirectly!

Goosebumps : – I learned how to write stories that make people imagine it playing out in their head from R.L. Stine! I loved Goosebumps as a Kid and I read it even today, every time I read Goosebumps I get a new copywriting idea! (R.L. Stine)

Marvel Comics – These were just fun to read really and you learn a few things here and there about stuff.